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We're looking at about a 35% increase. I'm glad we took the plunge because we've seen more results from this than we have from radio and television. And like I was saying the results here are more measurable, we're able to see exactly what's happened.

Tom, Pineville Bowl

Results: 35% increase in food and beverage business after only 5 months

For the first 9.5 years, I tried to do everything on my own and I came to the conclusion that I was not doing it right. So I turned it over to BAM, and they have been doing my Facebook page, emails, all my social media, Instagram, everything out there. And the past six months, it has been amazing. Our sales are up 38% from this year to last year at this time, which is just amazing.

Renee, Jay Lanes

Results: Business up 38% after 6 months

You'll rarely find somebody who's a good pin chaser and a good web designer. To be able to outsource all that to a third party has been a huge weight off my shoulders and the team's shoulders. Since we started I could contribute at least $250,000 in revenue to the services you guys provided for the year.

Dan, Midway Bowl

Results: Doubled his business after 3 years


Initially I was super stressed, because we had tried a marketing company before and they just didn't know about the bowling industry. We're now going on month 6 or 7 with you guys and I am super, super, super impressed, Business has been booming. It's been great, we are super blessed.

Sean Mathis

Oakwood Bowl

It's more than tripled, we didn't have much, we were open for it, we just didn't have the customers coming in, now I have online reservations.

Darrell Willis

Bowling Alley Marketing

You think you could handle it all but you can't. And it's just better to have someone else who does what they know handle your marketing. You would be amazed at some of the things that change.

Anthony Taormina

Our Town Alley

To make a long story short, I just wasn't seeing the growth. And when you told me everything you had to offer I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is gonna be an arm and a leg. And you promised me you were gonna see an unbelievable amount of new growth, and you were 100% right.

Anna Marie,

Roseland Lanes

It's sorta funny because, you. know, I do a lot of marketing and when it comes to my own business, it's like the last thing on the list to get done. It's something I should be doing and know how to do a lot of it, but you guys do such a great job on it that I just pass it off to you guys and you really nail it out of the park.

Mark Bares

Les & Jim's Lincoln Lanes

We've certainly seen an increase in our birthday parties, and that's one thing that you guys have been focusing on. And that has really started to take off. In fact one of my managers said, John, can we tone this down a little bit? Because we've got too many parties

John Nelson

Rose City Bowl

I didn't really expect it to grow as fast as it did. I have to say, I do love when people come in and say, 'Hey, I saw your commercial on YouTube.' So it's nice because it's really hard to quantify certain kinds of advertising. And that's been the easiest way to quantify is word of mouth.

Sean Lemmon

Laser Alleys & Funk Brewing

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Our targeted marketing campaigns attract families and casual bowlers who tend to spend more per visit.

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Our comprehensive marketing services include Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Google Adwords and YouTube Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and a CRM platform for building and marketing to customer databases.

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