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Whether you’re looking to break into paid advertising or you’re just looking to improve your metrics, throwing money away on unsuccessful ad campaigns is a scary proposition for any business.

Unlike other marketing services that leave you with something at the end of the day (new website or reusable flyer), ad spend if done incorrectly leaves you with nothing. This is why it’s so important to get advertising right and make sure the groundwork is laid before embarking on a campaign. Bowling Alley Marketing has years of experience with many different ad platforms including:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Youtube Advertising

The two key areas required to ensure a successful ad campaign are targeting and conversion funnels. Targeting involves selecting the demographics, psychographics, behavioral patterns, geography and any other relevant factors to ensure your ads are only being shown to the right people at the right times. This can be done through intuition but is best accomplished by leveraging data.

Conversion Funnels refer to the path prospects will take from start to finish. This includes everything from the ad copy/images, to the landing page they’re directed to, all the way to the desired action defined as a successful “conversion”.

This groundwork must be laid before launching a campaign and should be improved along the way by identifying “leaks”. Bowling Alley Marketing has extensive experience in both of these key areas and has run hundreds of successful campaigns. As a marketing agency focused on ROI, we are obsessed with multiplying your $1 ad spend into $3 or more. Read about one of our recent campaigns here.


Some of our work

We've worked on several thousand projects over the years. Here is a small sample of actual client projects you can browse through to get a sense of the quality of our work.